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Connect with us at First Baptist Canton.


At the end of each service, we’ve got a gift we’d like to present to you. So on your first visit, please head over through double doors on the right side of the main auditorium. This is our Welcome Center and our pastors and staff would like to welcome you, get to know you, and answer any questions or concerns you might have. In the meantime, here’s how to find us, and then what time you will find the doors open.

Service Times


~ SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our primary focus for connecting our people is through our Sunday School classes. We have bible study small groups for every age group. Check our Sunday School page for information. If you do not connect in with a Sunday School class, you are missing out on in-depth bible study, family interaction, informal discussions and applications for life, and the opportunity to serve and be served within the body of Christ.
~ OUTREACH: We have dozens of outreach opportunities. The Bible speaks of much joy in giving. This means more than just financial giving, it means your time and your talents. God has created you as an individual with unique gifts and abilities for the express purpose of serving the body of Christ. Find a ministry in our Service Opportunities and get connected with other like-minded people.
~ ONE MISSION POINT UNIVERSITY: Here at First Baptist Canton we offer a wide variety of focused studies and helpful classes for spiritual growth and continued learning for the believer. Check out what’s going on currently in our 1MU Class Guide.


You know who you are. You’ve been coming for a while and you’re sitting on the fence of membership. If you have more questions, please contact us or speak to our pastors,  deacons, ushers, greeters or Sunday School teachers. We can help. Membership is not required, but it is a commitment step that will allow you to be part of the forward direction of this local fellowship.