Sunday School

So why do adults need to go back to school? We call it Sunday School, instead of “small groups” because we want to consistently be in the attitude of learning. Our walk with God never sees completion until we are joined with Him in eternity. There are lessons for us all to learn and grow from – so we continue to sit under the teaching of God’s word, to learn and grow from it, no matter our age.

Sunday School is for ALL ages. Sunday School is a place for the whole family.Your entire family can participate in Bible study, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. By getting your family involved in Sunday School, you can be sure that every member of your family is involved in weekly, small-group Bible study, which is growing their Bible knowledge and helping them grow spiritually by getting to know God more and on a regular basis.


You’re never too old to attend Sunday School. First Baptist Canton has multiple groups for you to connect with. Come visit at the welcome center to find a complete list of classes available for your age or peer group.

Class information, teachers and locations for 9:30 am

SINGLE OR MARRIED Class Name – Teacher Classroom Location
Ladies – Median/Senior Mary Slonaker 203
Ladies – Median/Senior Odds & Ends Class – Cyd Lusk 213
Ladies – Rose Class-K.Wallace/K.Melchers 118
Men – All Ages Bill Burke 122
Men – Median/Senior David Crawley 201
Men – Senior Jack Street 121
Hearing Impaired Class – All Ages Carter Bearden Mod C Conf Rm
YOUNG & MEDIAN ADULTS  Class Name – Teacher  Classroom Location
Co-ed Young Adults Keith Stroup 117
Co-ed Median Adults Doug Miannay 301
Co-ed Young/Median Adults Jason Sweatt 305
Co-ed Median Adults Darryl Werner 211
Co-ed Median Adults Encouragers Class – 126-CD
Co-ed Median Adults Rodney Moss / Terry Luck 116
Co-ed Median Adults Doug Key 314
Co-ed Median Adults Gary Foster / Joe McLain 306
Empty Nesters Randy Edwards 211
Young Parents with Children Jon Esser 117
SENIOR ADULTS  Class Name – Teacher  Classroom Location
Co-ed Adults – 60’s Plus Joyful Class – Jerry Smith 313
Co-ed Adults – 60s Plus Cecil Pruett 101-Music Suite
Co-ed Adults – 70s Plus Joy Class-L.R. Whiddon Class 212
Ladies – Median/Senior Mary Slonaker 203
Ladies – Median/Senior Odds & Ends Class – Cyd Lusk 213
Ladies – Median/Senior Dot Street 210
Senior Adult Ladies Friendship Class – Margaret Nelson 202
Men – Median/Senior David Crawley 201
Senior Adult Men Jack Street 121

Class information, teachers and locations for 11:00 am

SINGLES Class Name – Teacher Classroom Location
College and Career Ron & Elizabeth Forkey 202
YOUNG & MEDIAN ADULTS  Class Name – Teacher  Classroom Location
Co-ed Young/Median Adults HIP 2B Berean Class Jonny & Suzie Cunningham 118
Co-ed Young/Median Adults PAIRables Class-Tom Sexton 101-Music Suite
Co-ed Young/Median Adults Phil & Julie Dutko 116
Co-ed Median Adults Whosoever Class – Robert Underwood 210
Co-ed Median Adults Area 51 Class 201
Co-ed Spanish-Speaking Adults / All Ages Gwen Freeman 126-AB
Connection Class Taught once a Month (9:30 – 11:30) Hospitality Suite


Our Welcome center helpers will guide you and your family to find the right age group for your student. First Baptist Canton strives to create an environment of biblical learning and foster healthy friendships in our youth Sunday school and through Surge, and then during the school year through Cornerstone, Pillars, and our youth choir and music programs.


Jump Street studio is a place where our youngsters learn, as quoted in Mark 8, to jump to their feet and follow Jesus. Our focus is to help saturate their minds with the truths from God’s Word, and for them to grow up to one day choose for themselves to follow Jesus Christ, and His example, and to develop a personal relationship with Him. We love families and we love the kids, so to insure the safety and security of our preschool children, we have check in at the Preschool Security Desks. Our Sunday School Security Staff will be able to direct you and your family to the appropriate classroom.